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Strength Training ... I love it!

Strength training is one of my favorite workouts. I absolutely love it! I love doing it and the results I experience. Sharing with my Clients the proper technique to render maximum health benefits is a phenomenal experience for everyone!

What does strength training include? What are the benefits?

Strength training, in a nutshell, is a type of exercise that causes the muscles to contract when an outside resistance is utilized. Outside resistance mechanisms consist of body weight, dumbbells, weight machines, medicine balls, or resistance bands to name a few.

The long- and short-term benefits are as follows:

  1. Increases muscle size and strength;

  2. Increases stamina, improves balance and posture;

  3. Increases bone density and decreases overall bone loss;

  4. Increases joint stability and strength, which protects joints from injury;

  5. Reduces body fat when combined with proper nutrition and aerobic exercise;

  6. Improves glucose metabolism;

  7. Improves cardiovascular health, lowering a risk factor such as blood pressure;

  8. Lowers risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes;

  9. Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and improves mood, boosts brainpower, and increases feelings of self-confidence; and

  10. Improves sleep quality.

One to 2 hours of strength training per week is a common recommendation; however, even 30 minutes per week is beneficial for certain populations. Proper form is a must as it relates to strength training. Improper form leads to risk of injury.

Some of my favorite strength-training exercises are free weights, planks, push-ups, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), weighted vest, medicine balls, kettlebells, and bands. As a personal trainer it is so rewarding to guide Clients through their fitness journey and watch as they achieve success in their strength-training program resulting in a vast improvement in their overall health!

How can I help you reach your fitness goals and feel great?


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