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The opportunity to serve people in their health and wellness journey is a privilege I do not take lightly. Having faced the possibility of dying shortly after my thirtieth birthday I have used that experience to my benefit throughout my life. We have such great power in guiding our lives by the choices we make or choose not to make. I discovered freedom in taking care of my physical health through a proper health plan that includes nutrition, based on what my body needs and how it responds to what I ingest, and daily exercise. The past twenty years have served me well in this regard. 

In addition to nutrition and exercise, I have experienced freedom also in recognizing the undeniable connection between the body and mind, the two tools we have to navigate our lives.  When both are supported with the proper practices that are unique to each of us, the outcome is phenomenal. 

Over the years I have shared with my clients to listen to their bodies. The human body is a great communicator. If you are feeling fatigue, pain, moodiness, lethargy, anything health related that is other than what feels good, pursue the cause and you will be amazed at the results.

Trust and believe in yourself.  Listen to that still, small voice that often can be drowned out by the busyness of our lives.

Each of the Services noted below are individualized to meet the goals you may have for yourself or that of your child, and/or the specific topic of interest to your audience.  In addition to high-quality Certifications I possess and the education I am required to complete to maintain my Certifications, I provide each of these Services from first-hand experience. To support my knowledge base, I research extensively. As a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, a love of research was instill in me during my time at JHU and that, too, has served me well and, consequently, my clients. I stay abreast of topics related to healthy, fitness, and overall well-being.

PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGE may include strength training and conditioning, cardiorespiratory improvement, flexibility, stamina, balance or a combination of any of these and many more.  The Program I create for you is based on your in-depth assessment I conduct. We begin where you are and move upward!

NUTRITION COACHING PACKAGE provides guidance towards a healthier lifestyle, which includes healthy eating behaviors resulting in achieving health, fitness, and weight loss goals. You are not alone in this. I provide support, encouragement, and inspiration. It is life changing! I am speaking from experience.

PROGRAM FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH ADHD is one that provides information and guidance to you, as your child's parent, which include nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Because our bodies are unique and will respond to each of these three differently, and taking into consideration your child's likes and dislikes, the Program developed is tailor made to address your child's ADHD symptoms and, ultimately, reduce them.

PRESENTATIONS/SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS offered are focused on nutrition and exercise generally or with specificity, e.g., strength-building exercises, weight loss, eating to combat diseases, chronic pain,  depression, anxiety.  Beyond nutrition and exercise, special education presentations are available to assist parents whose children are receiving special education services and programs based on the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) in conjunction with the topics of nutrition and exercise. I have presented hundreds of presentations and supported just as many parents during my career. It has been an honor.

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