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Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Megbria Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition, LLC  - I purposely did not start a family until my late twenties. The two children I have given birth to changed my perspective on life. Both of them continue to amaze and delight me! “Megbria” is a combination of their names in honor of two spectacular human beings. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach I thoroughly enjoy guiding and supporting people in their journey to ultimate health and well-being!

A Few Words from Janelle...

Hi, Everyone! I feel fortunate to have the privilege to provide information to people who are interested in improving their physical, mental, and emotional well-being through exercise and nutrition. My personal experience has shown me the impact physical fitness and proper nutrition has on well-being and healing our bodies.  My passion is to share that with you so you can benefit!

In 1985, I was diagnosed with lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, a seizure disorder, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and Epstein-Barr virus (EPV). These diagnoses were devastating to the quality of my life. It wasn't until many years later that I, personally, connected each of the diagnoses to EPV. A few years ago, prior to discovering that EPV caused my ailments, I received yet another diagnosis, Celiac disease, requiring me to eliminate all gluten from my meal plans.  Listening to my body and knowing how to heal myself was freedom! I got my life back. I was finally able to know the causation of health issues I experienced as a teenager, young mother, and mature woman and address them through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and grounding.


The plethora of symptoms, e.g., excess weight, mood swings, bloating, stomach pain, joint pain, inflammation, as well as a host of other ailments, disappeared. Although I had exercised for most of my adult life my goal of having a body that I felt comfortable with eluded me. I never quit though. It took a long time to find the answers, years in fact, but it was well worth the effort.

Because of my experience I have empathy for people and an understanding that I would not have otherwise had, had I not experienced those challenges.  It is important to have someone to understand, support, encourage, and guide you. That is why I became a Certified Personal Training and Nutrition Coach. I am here for you! 


To your health! 


Live Life to Its Fullest!

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach I have witnessed repeatedly the fantastic mind-body connection as it relates to fitness, to being healthy, and to living a life that is nothing less than phenomenal! There is an undeniable connection between our wonderfully engineered bodies and exquisite minds. 


I am also a strong proponent of using the power of thought to enhance our lives. What we say to ourselves has an enormous impact on our actions and how we feel about ourselves. This directly affects the progress made. 

The body is a great communicator! I encourage you to invest in yourself through information, or to continue your journey, to a more vibrant-feeling you!


Health is life happening well!



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