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Core strength ... love it!

Whether it is cardio, body-weight exercises, or weight lifting I love them all! There is something about having a strong "core" that that is appealing to me, personally. The core is the center of the body and the beginning point of all movement. A strong core allows us to control the constant change in our center of gravity. Our core muscles consist of four abdominal muscle groups, two long muscles in the back along the spine, and the pelvic floor.

We use functional movements daily to navigate our world. The body is created to move. Pushing, pulling, walking, lunging, bending, squatting, and twisting are used daily often without a second thought. When any one or all of these become difficult to perform the impact on our lives is monumental. Building and maintaining a strong core provides a strong center of gravity that affects all of the above. Our core assists us during breathing, too.

A high-quality core workout engages all the muscle groups mentioned above. And you can never get bored with exercising this muscle group because of the wide array of exercises available. Planks, bridges, crunches, supine toe taps, stability ball cobras, walk outs, and wipers are just a few exercises.

A core training program that is properly designed assists us in gaining neuromuscular control, strength, stability, muscular endurance, and power in the core.

To your health!



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