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The benefits of drinking water.

Something as simple as drinking water, pure, fresh, clean water, and the benefits to our bodies are amazing! I want to share with you how I personally feel when I am properly hydrated. Energized! My body "feels light" is the best way I can describe it. On those rare occasions when I become absorbed in a mental task and do not drink enough water I experience the following:

- headache;

- fluid retention;

- poor sleep quality;

- joint and muscle discomfort;

- brain fog;

- fatigue; and

- moodiness.

I also notice my sense of well-being is affected. I am aware of this the most when I am dehydrated because I typically view life from a positive perspective. When negative thoughts begin occurring I immediately notice it. That is another way this beautiful mechanism we call a body communicates with us, and a great communicator it is!

Science and research have provided us a solid foundation regarding the effects of proper hydration. Adequate amounts of water daily promote optimal health by aiding in digestion, regulates blood pressure and body temperature, assists in maintaining a healthy urinary tract, and protects and serves as a cushion for joints, organs, and other tissues.

Drink water to feel energized!

To Your Health



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