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How to Overcome the Challenges of Changing Your Lifestyle

Speaking from experience, I found changing lifestyle habits that were either not benefitting me or were to my detriment became possible when I ...

  • took small, consistent incremental steps;

  • practiced self-patience;

  • developed body awareness; and

  • celebrated progress regardless of how small it may have seemed to be.

Incorporating consistently into my life small, incremental steps, in other words, making a decision regarding something I was going to eliminate or add to my "health plan" and adhering to that decision, practicing self-patience, and continuously enhancing my body awareness resulted in recognizing the changes I felt in my overall well-being.

When I speak of well-being I am speaking of a combination of functioning well physically, emotionally, and mentally, and feeling good. For me it also includes equanimity, a feeling of calmness, as well as emotions of happiness and contentment.

Body awareness provided me the opportunity to recognize how the changes I made were benefitting me. The betterment of my overall well-being served as fuel to strengthen my resolve in pursuing permanent changes in my lifestyle.

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach I have the inexplicable privilege of supporting people on their journey to changing their lifestyles whether it means a change in nutrition, activity, meditativeness or a combination of the three. Below is a text conversation I had with a young woman to whom I provide exercise guidance. With her permission, I am sharing it with you.

"Me: Good morning! Be kind to your body today. Stay hydrated!

"Response: Good Morning Janelle! Yesss, I'm already feeling great since our workout yesterday! And I slept very well!

"Me: Close your eyes and deeply feel that feeling of feeling great, (edited). THAT is the

feeling I was referring to last evening and is the feeling that made it possible for me to

completely change my lifestyle. 'Nothing tastes as good as fit feels.' Have a beautiful day!"

Body awareness allows us to recognize the beautiful feeling of feeling well. It allows our bodies to provide to us clear, concise communication. We are then able to stay the course and make changes that, in some cases, save our lives and/or avoid premature death.

I quoted Tony Robbins in my above text conversation. It is apropos at this time of year. Tony has been quoted as saying, "Nothing tastes as good as fit feels." I can attest to this.

The journey of making lifestyle changes has varying degrees of challenges for everyone. But the rewards are phenomenal! Love yourself. Stay the course.


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