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Meditation's Effect on Blood Pressure

The effect of meditation on my blood pressure has become apparent with solid facts. Every morning taking my blood pressure is the first action of the day. Meditation comes shortly thereafter. The readings in the above photo are before and after meditation, and are 80 minutes apart. I do not take blood pressure (BP) medication, but manage it via my health plan, which includes daily meditation, proper nutrition, and daily exercise. These three, in precise combinations, are perfect for me! And, at this point, they are effortless.

If you, or someone you know, experiences elevated blood pressure consider incorporating meditation into your life or suggesting it to them. I am fortunate that I learned how to meditate from a guru in India. The short- and long-term effects are amazing!

Additionally, I am so in tune with my body, which I refer to as body awareness, that I know how a new food will affect me, if not instantaneously then within twenty minutes of ingesting it. Sometimes without eating it, just by coming into close proximity to it, I will know how my body will respond. This awareness guides me in maintaining a healthy body and mind, which includes blood pressure, of course.

As always, the body is a fantastic communicator! How fortunate we are to have such a built-in barometer.


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