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WORLD HEALTH DAY ... Your health starts with you.

What is the definition of health? To me, health is feeling alive, energetic, possessing clarity of mind, feeling strong and capable mentally, physically, and spiritually. When our bodies, minds, and inner energies are optimal life is a wonderful journey. In this post I am focusing on the physical aspect of health.

Our physical health begins with each of us. We are individually responsible for our own health. Sometimes that can be hard to accept; however, once we take ownership of it there is a certain freedom experienced. We know full responsibility, meaning the ability to respond, puts us in charge. The choices we make provide us with opportunities to maintain the optimal health we enjoy, improve the health we are experiencing, or experience digression. The body is a phenomenal communicator! The body's communication and our awareness of that communication is priceless. Recall a time when your body communicated to you. It could be when your health plan, your nutrition, is optimal. You have so much energy you can hardly stand yourself! On the other side of the coin, you stay up late, drink too much alcohol, and

feel like your bed is your best friend when the alarm goes off. You plug through the day not capable of giving 100%. This is where responsibility comes into play.

Responsibility is about choice. It is about the choices, the decisions we make as it relates to our health. Let's celebrate World Health Day by loving ourselves through making choices that support our bodies!

To your health!



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